Better Light = Higher Productivity & Profits

With the focus of most lighting upgrades on energy efficiency and reducing maintenance costs, the impact of the right type and quantity of light on other aspects of your business are often times overlooked. A study conducted by the American Society of Interior Design found that 68 percent of employees complain about the lighting situation […]

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6 Unexpected Benefits Of An Energy Audit

    Every business owner knows how much the rising cost of energy can affect their bottom line.  For those looking to increase efficiency and lower utility bills, an energy audit is the smartest place to start.   But what is an energy audit, you ask? Just as you’d call an accountant to help save […]

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Energy Efficiency and MLB: 10 Most Efficient Stadiums

As the Royals begin to embark on what is sure to be an exciting, action-packed series with the Toronto Blue Jays in hopes of regaining their American League Champions title, we are taking a look at the tremendous levels of energy expenditure at your favorite baseball stadiums across the country.  According to a blog by […]

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Sacramento Property Managers Save Big with Lighting Upgrade

    Sacramento-based commercial property management company, The Buzz Oates Group of Companies, has recently undergone a major efficiency upgrade.  The major project consisted of retrofitting nearly all of their 25 million square feet of property with energy efficiency LED lighting.  In addition to the huge energy savings the company can expect with the increased […]

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LED Lighting to Increase Workplace Safety

    While it is often discussed how LED lighting can reduce electricity usage and save facilities tons of money on annual utility spending, a lesser known benefit is the safety enhancement LEDs bring to the workplace.  There are numerous ways in which upgrading to LED lighting can make for a safer, even healthier, environment for […]

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LED Street Lighting Upgrade to Save City Thousands

    Many cities around the country, and the globe for that matter, have saved enormously on energy cost and consumption by upgrading their street lighting to LED.  Recently, the city of West Richland, Washington completed an LED street lighting upgrade spanning the entire city, a project that is anticipated to reduce overall electricity consumption […]

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4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your LED Upgrade

  Marc Karell, Owner of Climate Change & Environmental Services, posted a great article on giving advice to business owners looking to upgrade to LED lighting in their facilities.  Not every LED retrofit lives up to its maximum potential, and Karell offers tips on how to make sure you get the most benefit for the […]

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IKEA to Sell Only LED Lights

    IKEA has announced that they will be upholding their 2012 commitment to sell only LED lighting by 2016.  In fact, the company has met their goal early, as the transition will be made officially with the release of new products and catalogs on September 1st of this year.  IKEA will be the first […]

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How LEDs can Increase the Life of your HVAC

    In our blogs, (and just about every other news media forum these days,) you often read about the numerous benefits of switching to LED lighting.  Everything from the obvious utility and maintenance savings, to the better visual acuity offered, to the tax break and rebate offerings available have been listed time and time […]

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