LED Lighting to Increase Workplace Safety



While it is often discussed how LED lighting can reduce electricity usage and save facilities tons of money on annual utility spending, a lesser known benefit is the safety enhancement LEDs bring to the workplace.  There are numerous ways in which upgrading to LED lighting can make for a safer, even healthier, environment for your employees.  Here are a few to keep in mind:



Reducing trips, falls, and other workplace hazards

In any type of workplace, shadowy and dark areas can be dangerous for your employees.  These are especially precarious for workers in environments with heavy machinery or dangerous equipment, such as warehouses or garages.  In these surroundings, an untimely spill could even be deadly.  LED lighting not only brightens the entire workspace, but also eliminates any shadowy areas, making for a much safer environment for employees and patrons alike.


Increasing productivity by providing optimal quality of light

LED lighting provides employees with better visual acuity, allowing for an optimum environment for productivity.  In other words, you cannot expect premium results if you do not supply a premium environment for the work to be completed.  Between the eye strain and fatigue that can be caused in a poorly lit environment, it can be difficult to perform tasks at the highest level.  Bright and clear LED lighting will allow workers to see clearly, helping to increase both quality and volume of work.



Improving emotional well-being of employees in offices

Dimly lit office buildings can illicit a true psychological response when workers spend too much time in them, even so much as to make them sick.  Sick Building Syndrome and Seasonal Affective Disorder are both illnesses that can be brought on by a number of environmental factors, including poor lighting.  By providing employees with a brighter, better lit work environment, you are reducing the risk of those illness and their side effects, like depression, low energy, and irritability.



Protecting your building and employees against possible crime threats

Brighter LED lighting used in parking lots and perimeter lamps make for a safer place for both employees and patrons.  Minimizing shadowy areas is an easy and inexpensive way to protect your property from crime.  Additionally, the use of motion sensor lighting can be used as a deterrent from any unwanted activity around your building.  Just recently and close to home, KMBC reported the plan to install LED lighting as a safety measure for a Kansas City neighborhood park that has been troubled by crime. (Read more about the story here.)  Upgrading to LED lighting is a simple, yet extremely effective solution to creating a safer place for families within the city.



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