Sacramento Property Managers Save Big with Lighting Upgrade



Sacramento-based commercial property management company, The Buzz Oates Group of Companies, has recently undergone a major efficiency upgrade.  The major project consisted of retrofitting nearly all of their 25 million square feet of property with energy efficiency LED lighting.  In addition to the huge energy savings the company can expect with the increased efficiency, the new lights have an operational life span of 100,000 hours, (compared to the 5,000 hours of life expected with traditional incandescent bulbs,) which has all but eliminated their annual maintenance expenses.


In addition to reducing energy bills by over 20 percent and cutting lighting costs specifically by over 50 percent, owners and tenants alike are extremely happy with the improved lighting that the LEDs provide.  A representative from the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, who teamed with The Buzz Oates Group on the project, said about the project, “The color clarity and ambiance from incandescent or CFL to LED is a huge improvement. Work spaces are brighter, safer and make tenants more productive.”


Updating the lighting for their tenants is just one step in the property management company’s increased efficiency plan.  They have also started replacing the outdated cooling towers used for some of their buildings.  Like the LED lighting upgrade, the new cooling towers will not only save energy, but will also last longer than the outdated units.  While The Buzz Oates Group would not have been able to afford the project without help from rebates, they worked in conjunction with SMUD to maximize rebate potential and devise an installment plan that made sense for their budget.  Thanks to that partnership, The Buzz Oates Group will save both energy and money for years to come.


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Frank Ancona Honda office – Before


Frank Ancona Honda office – After



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