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Lighting Your Business

At WorldWide Energy, our lighting maintenance solutions are customized to your business needs. Lighting is typically a business’s single largest use of electricity, and energy costs are continually rising six to eight percent annually. Thankfully, techniques for improving energy efficiency through lighting are constantly expanding.


WorldWide Energy provides custom lighting retrofits that are designed specifically for your situation, and once installed, can significantly reduce utility costs. Typically this requires replacement of older lighting systems including bulbs and ballasts to bring existing light levels to where they should be, whether it’s interior or exterior lighting.


Energy costs are continually rising six to eight percent annually.


Lighting retrofits can also provide better visual acuity, which allows for more uniformity of illumination, resulting in fewer errors, and improved employee morale and safety conditions. Other benefits include reduced maintenance, repair, and replacement expenses.


There’s a variety of lighting technology out there, so we work to find the best solution for you. If existing lighting is no longer meeting your needs, relighting can reduce energy usage for years to come.

Automated Lighting Controls

Ideal for property managers and high-usage buildings, intelligent lighting controls offer Photo of Software for Commercial Lighting Services Kansas City - Worldwide Energymore versatility and opportunities to save on utility bills. These systems dynamically respond to the changing characteristics of a building, and can be controlled remotely, giving facility managers a better way to monitor and control lighting.


In most systems, fixtures in a room can communicate wirelessly with each other, allowing for room-level intelligence with a minimal amount of equipment, wiring, and expense. Automated lighting systems can improve workplace ergonomics, occupant productivity, and tenant satisfaction by optimizing lighting quality.


Watch a client testimonial on a lighting controls project that Worldwide Energy installed.





Fluorescent lighting technology is still a popular and vibrant option for lighting systems. From the original T12 tubes that are now obsolete, to the T8 that has been through more than six generations of improvement over the past 30 years, fluorescent technology has come a long way.


With T8 and T5 technology, efficient fluorescent lighting is becoming the new standard because it can reduce energy use up to 50%, save on utility costs, and improve lighting levels. More importantly, this type of lighting offers different types of color rendering index (CRI) to provide the light that you need for your office or warehouse.



Ideal for most environments, light emitting diodes (LEDs) provide longer life, enhancesImage of options for LED Lighting Kansas City - Worldwide Energyvisibility, and reduces energy up to 70% compared to other light technology. LED lights are warranted up to five years and provide 50,000 lifetime hours.


Most LED technology features small light sources that illuminate from the movement of electrons through a semiconductor. This produces a bright light that can be white or colored, that emits in a specific direction and produces no heat. We stock a variety of LED products that all offer great performance and innovative technology.



Light-Emitting Plasma

Light emitting plasma (LEP) is another solid-state light technology offering solutions for highPhoto of Small LED Lighting Kansas City - Worldwide Energy output applications. Ideal for car dealerships, street lighting, and other high illumination applications, LEP can reduce energy use up to 70 percent.


Even better, they maintain over 80% of their initial light levels for 50,000 hours, which significantly reduces maintenance costs. Although small, this product emits enough brilliant white light to enable lighting designers to reduce the quantity of fixtures needed in most applications.




Induction lighting systems offer substantial savings in maintenance costs. Ideal for high-ceiling and other hard-to-reach applications where maintenance may be challenging, this type of technology provides a bright white light that can reduce energy costs up to 50%, and has 100,000 lifetime hours.


The benefits offered from induction make it an ideal solution for interior applications such as warehouses, industrial buildings, cafeterias, gymnasiums, and cold storage. Since induction is not significantly influenced by ambient temperature, it is also well suited for hard to reach applications like tunnels, bridges, roadways, outdoor areas, and parking garages.


Get in contact with us to learn more about our lighting maintenance solutions, as well as what might be the right choice for your needs. Call our Lenexa office today. We serve clients throughout the Kansas CIty Metropolitan areas including surrounding cities.