Renewable Energy


Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable energy technologies are a rapidly growing resource in energy efficiency. These types of technologies utilize clean sources of energy that have a much lower environmental impact than conventional energy technologies, which will eventually deplete. Renewable energy will never run out. It’s clean, affordable, and sustainable.


WorldWide Energy provides several renewable energy solutions, such as solar installation, that address energy usage and corporate responsibility, which have become primary business concerns. Our solutions are clean alternatives that reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gas emissions into the environment.


Solar Photovoltaic Arrays

Massive Solar Installation Kansas City Photo - Worldwide EnergySolar photovoltaic (PV) panels harness the power of sun rays to produce electricity. A group of PV panels form an array, which offers scalable and versatile systems that can be roof or ground mounted. The systems offer long-term utility cost savings, generate zero carbon emissions, and match peak output and demand times.


PV technology feature semiconductors that, when hit by sunlight, create an electrical charge that is transferred through a circuit to anything that uses electricity. Since solar systems have no moving parts, they require little maintenance, and make no noise. Solar energy will continue to grow, especially in Kansas City, one of the top cities for solar potential.




Wind Turbines


Wind Turbine Natural Gas Conversion Kansas City Photo - Worldwide Energy

Wind turbines can generate both electricity and mechanical power. Tall and powerful, wind turbines feature vertical or horizontal blades that are pushed as wind blows. The kinetic energy is converted to mechanical power, and driven to a generator that produces electricity for use or sold back to the grid.


Wind power can supply up to 20 percent of electricity used by the United States. It not only reduces pollution, but provides cleaner air, and creates jobs as well.

Geothermal Systems

Geothermal is a base load, emissions-free energy source that continues to grow and develop in the renewable energy field. This virtually untapped energy source is derived from the earth’s heat, supplies clean power, and emits little or no greenhouse gases. Unlike solar and wind, geothermal runs all the time at 95 percent capacity factor, regardless of the weather.


According to the Department of Energy, geothermal resources come from reservoirs of hot water that exist below the Earth’s surface. To tap into this resource, deep wells can be drilled into the underground reservoirs, and the hot water is brought to the surface to be used in electricity generation, and heating and cooling applications.


“Geothermal energy is a vast underutilized heat and power resource that is renewable, baseload, domestic, and clean.”


For more information on how WorldWide Energy can help you grab hold of renewable energy through solar installation, wind turbines, or geothermal systems, contact our Lenexa office. We serve all business owners in Kansas City and the surrounding areas