2014 Ranking - Top Cities in U.S. for Solar Power

    A recent report by Boston-based non-profit, Environment America, ranks the 65 largest U.S. cities by total amount of solar PV capacity installed within geographical limits of the city.  While solar power is growing rapidly across the country, (from around 170 MW of solar power capacity installed in 2000 to around 20,000 MW of […]

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Minor League Baseball Stadium Wins at Energy Conservation

    Lately, it seems as though there is always a major sporting venue in the news getting a green overhaul.  We have taken a closer look at many of these improvements with our blogs on University of Phoenix Stadium and the 2015 Super Bowl, professional sporting arenas using solar power, even how colleges within […]

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Hawaii Set for 100% Renewable Energy

    With a bill passed by Hawaii Legislature this week, the state is set to become the very first in the United States to be run completely off renewable energy, due to be completed by 2045.  While the clean air and environmental impacts of going 100% renewable are drastic and rewarding, the main reason for […]

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Historic Buildings Getting Green Upgrades

    A recent article on, (originally published on,) examines how the owners of two very old, even historic, buildings in separate Midwestern cities have upgraded and gone green.  The purpose of the article is to show that even the oldest buildings can be made environmentally friendly and modern, without completely breaking budget to pull […]

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LED Lighting and the Benefits for your Business

    By now, most people have a fairly good understanding of the energy efficiency benefits LED lighting has over traditional lighting systems.  LED lighting has grown increasingly more popular due to the numerous enhancements achieved from upgrading, particularly in commercial settings.  Major companies like Wal-Mart, Google, and IKEA have already seen the reward from their LED investments.  Additionally, […]

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URGENT: KCP&L Energy Efficiency Rebates Program Changing July 1st

    KCP&L Business Energy Efficiency Rebate Program Changing - July 1st, 2015     Time is quickly running out to maximize your rebate from KCP&L on your facility's energy efficient lighting project.  On July 1st, KCP&L will be changing the Energy Efficiency Rebate Program. Rebate amounts for your current or potential project will be affected, […]

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Renewable Energy Dominates New Electricity Generation Capacity

    The statistics of new electricity generation capacity in the United Sates, for both the month of February and the year 2015 thus far, prove once again that renewable energy sources are here to stay.   *While the data does include some estimates, it is based on annual projections from GTM Research and the Solar […]

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New Leader Among ENERGY STAR Certified Top City List

    Each year the Environmental Protection Agency releases a list of the top 25 U.S. cities, ranking each city by total number of ENERGY STAR certified buildings within city limits.  ENERGY STAR certified buildings perform in the top twenty five percent in energy efficiency of similar building types across the nation.  In order to obtain […]

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5 Realistic, Easy Ways to Reduce Office Waste (and Cost!)

    There are a number of things you can do to improve your company's overall efficiency, from investing in renewable energy sources to switching over to LED light bulbs.  Both of these options have a huge savings impact, not only by reducing the carbon footprint of your business, but also by drastically cutting annual […]

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