Our Process


Our process is simple. We analyze, customize, and implement. Our certified energy auditors analyze the various aspects of energy saving opportunities for your facility, which includes a complete energy audit, and a design and electrical analysis if needed.


Once we analyze a company’s facility and energy usage, we customize a solution that is tailored to your company. Not every building is built equally, so we build a solution around your company’s priorities and concerns. Finally, we implement all stages of the project including documentation, designing, and benchmarking so you don’t have to.


Energy Audit

Our staff of certified energy experts will begin the process with an energy audit of your facility. This complete assessment will help identify the most promising energy-saving opportunities. If needed, a design and electrical analysis can also be conducted.


During this process, we will examine the physical and operating characteristics of your building such as operational hours and occupancy use. All sources of energy used within the facility will be verified through 12 months of utility bills.


Custom Energy Solution

When we’ve gathered the information, our staff of experts develops a custom energy solution for you. We use a combination of innovative technology and products, and professional and technical skills to create a plan that provides the most energy savings.

We review our recommended plan with you and your staff to determine the most cost effective approach to achieve the best return on your investment as possible.


Complete Design & Installation

Once approved, our project manager will take the reins on the installation so your staff is free to operate your business. The project manager manages and schedules the crews with minimal disruption to your business. Our professional installation crews are dressed in appropriate attire, and abide by all safety requirements in your facility.


At completion of the project, our project manager will walk through the entire project with you to ensure it meets your expectations. Any additional training of software is provided.


Worldwide Energy prides itself on our follow-up process; just because a project is done, does not mean we leave you hanging. In fact, our service department can help ensure that your new products are backed by a warranty.


Rebate & Incentive Procurement

One of the key hurdles in any energy efficiency project is procuring utility rebates and tax incentives, so why not let Worldwide Energy do it for you? Our experienced staff has secured maximum rebates for nearly all of our projects, if they were applicable.


Worldwide Energy’s tax specialist will certify the project installation, and provide you all the documentation necessary to support your tax incentives. All you do is hand the paperwork to your accountant and you’ll have everything necessary to prepare your taxes.



Worldwide Energy is an environmentally-conscious organization, that’s why we will recycle removed materials from the project site and provide a certificate of recycle to you. We recycle more than 95% of all removed materials from our projects including lamps, ballasts, acrylics, sheet metal, and aluminum. In addition, we work with vendors to reduce the amount of cardboard and packaging, utilizing bulk shipping wherever possible, and recycling of all cardboard and pallets used in shipping.


Because environmental efforts are an important part of any business, we provide you with a plaque that memorializes the environmental impact and carbon emission reduction your company achieved with this project.