Renewable Energy Dominates New Electricity Generation Capacity



The statistics of new electricity generation capacity in the United Sates, for both the month of February and the year 2015 thus far, prove once again that renewable energy sources are here to stay.


*While the data does include some estimates, it is based on annual projections from GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association, (SEIA.)



Feb 2015 New Capacity


Other Solar (est.) : 230 MW

Geothermal : 45 MW

Wind : 21 MW

Utility-Scale Solar : 5 MW


(No new production from Waste Heat, Water, Nuclear, Coal, Oil, or Biomass.)



YTD 2015 New Capacity


Other Solar (est.) : 460 MW

Wind : 450 MW

Natural Gas : 126 MW

Utility-Scale Solar : 68 MW

Geothermal : 45 MW


(No new production from Waste Heat, Water, Nuclear, Coal, Oil, or Biomass.)




Looking only at utility scale new electricity generation, renewables would account for over 94%, breaking down further to 52% geothermal, 24% wind, and 18% solar, with additions from natural gas as well.  However, when examining entire electricity generation, renewables fall back to a measly 17.5%.  This data demonstrates not only how much progress has been made as of late in the field of renewable energy, but also how far we still have to go.



US Renewable Energy Capacity - Feb 2015


graphs and data courtesy of Zach Shahan, CleanTechnica



For more info, including great links to additional U.S. electricity capacity reports and U.S. electricity generation reports, stop by Zachary Shahan’s article at

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