URGENT: KCP&L Energy Efficiency Rebates Program Changing July 1st



KCP&L Business Energy Efficiency Rebate Program Changing – July 1st, 2015



Time is quickly running out to maximize your rebate from KCP&L on your facility’s energy efficient lighting project.  On July 1st, KCP&L will be changing the Energy Efficiency Rebate Program. Rebate amounts for your current or potential project will be affected, resulting in a drastic reduction in rebate offerings provided to you.  It is extremely important to act quickly!


If you have ever considered a lighting upgrade, you need to meet now with one of our energy specialists to determine how these changes will impact you.  Because of the limited time remaining for the current rebate program, we are anticipating an influx in facility review requests.  Do not miss out on this opportunity!  Contact  one of our energy efficiency experts to learn more about these changes and what they mean for your business, (913) 310-0705.




Please note the following information from the KCP&L news release 4.23.15



Here are the details on the program changes:



Why are these changes taking place?

Changes are taking place to create long-term program sustainability and provide transparency in how rebates are calculated.


What do these changes mean for my current projects already pre-approved?

Pre-approval applications received prior to July 1, 2015 would qualify for the incentive rate established at the time the completed application was received.


What does this mean for future Custom rebate submissions?

Pre-approval project applications submitted with all required documentation prior to July 1, 2015 qualify for the rebate amount prior to this change. Pre-approval applications and submissions received after July 1, 2015 follow the revised program rebate amounts.


What if I miss the July 1, 2015, completed application deadline?

If your application is submitted and/or incomplete after July 1, 2015, your project receives a reduced incentive for lighting and non-lighting projects.


Will I receive a smaller rebate amount because of the changes?

The percentage of total project cost covered by the Business Energy Efficiency Rebate program decreases.



Do not miss out on KCP&L’s current rebate structure for energy efficiency lighting projects.  There is no more time to put it off, upgrade now to maximize your rebates and see the benefit of utility savings with an energy efficiency lighting project!

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