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4 Steps to Meet Sustainability Goals

So you’ve succeeded in getting your company to set some sustainability goals, what now? Sustainability goals aren’t required, but are certainly a key in successfully saving your company money and utility costs.

Interface’s North Star goal, known today as Mission Zero, is a single public commitment to eliminate any negative impact the company may have on the environment by 2020. The company offers four tips in meeting your sustainability goals:

  • Find the elephant in the room: what is the single biggest driver for your company’s sustainability? It can be to reduce costs, energy use, or emissions.
  • Build you goal into the business: “the key thing that distinguishes early corporate social responsibility efforts from the modern movement toward sustainable business is whether you have a business strategy that links sustainability progress with increasing profitability.”
  • Align key business partners with your goals: finding key partners to help and guide your company through sustainability efforts will provide you with additional support and knowledge.
  • Measure and report transparently along the way: a near-term goal will help make your company accountable for progress toward your goals and make clear the progress that you are making.

Source: GreenBiz.com

Corporate Sustainability in Ten Steps

Corporate sustainability is not for the weak of heart. In fact, making the switch to energy efficiency does take a certain amount of commitment to the project and its future benefits. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

Here is a simple, straightforward and effective approach, developed by Yudelson Associates, to create corporate sustainability in your business.

1. Setting the Vision: where do you want sustainability to take your company?

2. The Task Force: develop a group that will work to make that vision happen.

3. Examining Green Options: what should your company do?

4. Adopting Sustainability Initiatives: make choices and move forward.

5. Staffing the Green Initiative: who’s going to do the work? Often, someone needs to be hired.

6. Internal Education and Training: a commitment to educating and training the staff is key.

7. Green Building: long-term sustainability can be dependent on your building, and should be reworked so that green becomes the norm.

8. Green Operations: the property management side can include negotiating recycling contracts, investments on property, and conducting a host of other activities.

9. Communications: effective communication is key in telling the story of your green initiatives.

10. Continuous Improvement: “ongoing corporate sustainability is about continuous improvement, using environmental and energy metrics.”

Corporate sustainability is a long-term commitment. And while there is plenty of work involved, with the right vision, projects, and partners any company can appreciate the rewards and benefits.

Feature Client – Lukas Liquor

Each month, Worldwide Energy features a client that we have worked with to showcase not only our portfolio, but also our client’s business.

Project Scope:

Lukas Liquor had several goals in mind when upgrading their lighting fixtures. They wanted to increase utility and maintenance savings while creating the right light for certain areas, specifically the retail store and wine bar. The retail store had 20’ high ceilings that needed bright lighting illuminations, and softer mood lighting for the wine bar area. Because the store remained open 12 hours per day, the Worldwide Energy crew worked overnight to replace (73) 400w metal halides with T8 wide-body reflector fixtures.

Lighting Upgrade Savings:

  • 74,097,920 kWh
  • Cut demand usage in half
  • Estimated annual savings of $5,927
  • Reduced 156,450 pounds of carbon dioxide
  • Equivalent to annual greenhouse emissions from 14 vehicles

Lukas Liquor

Lukas Liquor Superstore is the “Midwest’s largest merchant of fine wines, spirits, and malt beverages.” It has three stores including one in Overland Park and St. Louis. The superstore in Kansas City, MO features a large retail space, as well as a wine bar.

Click here to visit the Lukas Liquor website.

And the Winner is… LED!

According to a Department of Energy report, LED lamps have an environmental edge over compact fluorescent lamps, and create a significantly lower environmental impact than incandescent lighting over the lifetime of the products.

The study is just a part of a DOE project to assess the life-cycle costs of LED lighting products. It found that the energy LED lights consume during operation makes up the majority of their environmental impact, specifically not during the manufacturing and transportation process.

Has your business made the switch to LED?

Read the complete study here.

Source: Environmental Leader

Businesses Take Green Movement Lead

Are businesses leading the green movement? If the recent Rio+20 Summit is any indication, then yes they are. Dozens of companies at the summit unveiled their plans for how they intended to lower their environmental footprint.

So what does it mean when Microsoft commits to being carbon neutral by the end of 2013? Why does Kleenex cutting their amount of wood fiber by 50% have to do with you?

It shows how businesses, no matter how big or small, are looking to benefit from the green movement. Several reasons for undertaking sustainability initiatives include good publicity, bottom-line savings, and happier consumers and employees.

There are many benefits for businesses that are going green. What are some of your favorites? Has your business discovered any benefits?

Source: Business Insider

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