4 Steps to Meet Sustainability Goals

So you’ve succeeded in getting your company to set some sustainability goals, what now? Sustainability goals aren’t required, but are certainly a key in successfully saving your company money and utility costs.

Interface’s North Star goal, known today as Mission Zero, is a single public commitment to eliminate any negative impact the company may have on the environment by 2020. The company offers four tips in meeting your sustainability goals:

  • Find the elephant in the room: what is the single biggest driver for your company’s sustainability? It can be to reduce costs, energy use, or emissions.
  • Build you goal into the business: “the key thing that distinguishes early corporate social responsibility efforts from the modern movement toward sustainable business is whether you have a business strategy that links sustainability progress with increasing profitability.”
  • Align key business partners with your goals: finding key partners to help and guide your company through sustainability efforts will provide you with additional support and knowledge.
  • Measure and report transparently along the way: a near-term goal will help make your company accountable for progress toward your goals and make clear the progress that you are making.

Source: GreenBiz.com

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