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8 Energy Management Tips


Energy efficiency is a great opportunity for businesses to save on costs, and energy management can help find those opportunities.


Energy Manager Today lined out some tips and steps to take when managing and maximizing energy cost savings.


  1. Understand your building’s functional, energy, and cost baselines.
  2. Rate your buildings.
  3. Perform focused energy audits.
  4. Develop and prioritize Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs).
  5. Identify incentive programs and funding sources.
  6. Project implementation and management.
  7. Perform measurement and verification.
  8. Keep track and continue to measure performance of equipment and systems.


Read more on how to implement these tips at Energy Manager Today.

Sustainability Reporting Becoming Inevitable

For organizations and companies, sustainability reporting gives significant data on economic, environmental, social, and governance performance. As more entities are applying sustainability to their activities, standardized reporting may become a necessity.

The GRI Reporting article explains how sustainability reporting has expanded to cities, states, universities, airports, and marine ports.

Mike Wallace, the director of Global Reporting Initiative at Focal Point USA asks, “If we agree to the concept of sustainability as one that’s bounded by the limits of the plant, don’t we need to be thinking about the sustainability performance of all institutions and organizations? Shouldn’t we be measuring, managing, and reporting in a standardized manner on the most material issues as defined by society, not just shareholders?”

Sustainability reporting is working its way through supply chains, whether it’s a public or private company. Many parts of the global economy are increasingly measuring, managing, and reporting their sustainability performance. Is your company ready to jump into sustainability reporting?

Source: Greenbiz.com


By Gaylen Davenport

12 Keys to Energy Management Success

So your company wants to succeed in energy management? A new white paper from Drumbeat Energy Management outlines 12 steps to help your company manage its energy use.

  • Management commitment
  • Funding
  • Response resources
  • Technical staff involvement
  • Coordinated plan and strategy
  • Focus
  • Feedback mechanisms
  • Appropriate timing
  • Sensitivity about morale
  • Investment and maintenance
  • Motivation
  • Maintaining momentum

Source: Energy Manager Today


By Gaylen Davenport

Sustainability Apps Galore

encelium lighting management software

Apps, such as the Encelium lighting management software, are a proactive approach to monitor energy savings.

As data increases and businesses are taking a proactive approach to energy savings, there’s a growing opportunity to capture it with application software.

Apps are a great way to monitor and make use of this data for consumers and professionals. The growth of apps in sustainability is all about data.

“Energy, water, waste, toxics, carbon – the future of all of these things is linked in large part to how, and how well, we can measure, track, monitor, and optimize their flows. And that’s all about data, and the apps that make it useful.”

There are a number of sustainability-related apps such as JouleBug, iREcycle, and Goodguide. A number of the apps utilize the Green Button program. Launched in 2012 by California utilities, the Green Button standardizes the delivery of energy data from utilities to enable energy users to analyze and optimize their energy use.

Read more about sustainability apps at Greenbiz.


By Gaylen Davenport

10 Tips for Better Energy Management

Energy management and reducing energy is a goal for any business, especially when utility rates continue to climb. So here are ten tips for better energy management to help your business cut its energy use.

  • Engage objective experts: working with objective experts often yields the best results because they have no immediate stake in the results.
  • Set goals: a must in any business plan
  • Benchmark: use external benchmarking resources from EPA Energy Star to identify opportunities and best practices that are shared globally.
  • Invest in energy efficiency: when considering an efficiency project such as lighting retrofits, it’s important to prioritize them based on return on investment and successful implementation.
  • Monitor: monitoring energy and lighting use is an efficient way to reduce energy use
  • Measure performance
  • Involve and reward employees
  • Communicate
  • Share best practices throughout your organization: reducing consumption is a global team effort and requires collaboration from all levels. If one part of your business is efficient, it’s easy to expand to the rest of your organization.
  • Be transparent: let your customers know about your efficiency projects because many consumers consider a company’s practices before making a buying decision.

Source: GreenBiz.com

Lighting Control Systems Key Tool for Efficient Commercial Lighting

Each month, Worldwide Energy Vice President and COO Gaylen Davenport will publish his thoughts on the latest energy-efficient news, products, and trends.

At Worldwide Energy, we are always looking for the latest technology to help clients reduce their energy use. Lighting controls are the next step in energy efficiency, especially with systems such as Encelium.

Encelium Energy Management System is an integrated lighting control and energy management system that dynamically responds to the changing characteristics of a building by providing the right amount of light, when and where it is required. It also allows monitoring, controlling, and scheduling from a computer, either onsite or remotely, to allow users to reduce energy usage.

Based in New Jersey, Encelium is a network-based program that interconnects electronic dimming ballasts, photo and occupancy sensors, and lighting fixtures to one central system. Devices communicate through low-voltage, two-wire hardware which eliminates the need for external power supplies and power packs for devices such as occupancy sensors.

The system features energy management software that is used to commission, configure, and manage the Encelium technology. The Polaris 3D software displays a variety of graphics to analyze and update a facility’s lighting requirements and track its usage. Facility managers can also instantly rearrange lighting layouts from one convenient interface.

Lighting control systems are catching on. In fact, a recent Pike Research study projected that the global market for intelligent lighting controls will expand from $1.5 billion in 2012 to more than $4.3 billion in 2020.

This innovative product, along with other lighting control technology, takes energy efficiency to a new level.

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