Lighting Control Systems Key Tool for Efficient Commercial Lighting

Each month, Worldwide Energy Vice President and COO Gaylen Davenport will publish his thoughts on the latest energy-efficient news, products, and trends.

At Worldwide Energy, we are always looking for the latest technology to help clients reduce their energy use. Lighting controls are the next step in energy efficiency, especially with systems such as Encelium.

Encelium Energy Management System is an integrated lighting control and energy management system that dynamically responds to the changing characteristics of a building by providing the right amount of light, when and where it is required. It also allows monitoring, controlling, and scheduling from a computer, either onsite or remotely, to allow users to reduce energy usage.

Based in New Jersey, Encelium is a network-based program that interconnects electronic dimming ballasts, photo and occupancy sensors, and lighting fixtures to one central system. Devices communicate through low-voltage, two-wire hardware which eliminates the need for external power supplies and power packs for devices such as occupancy sensors.

The system features energy management software that is used to commission, configure, and manage the Encelium technology. The Polaris 3D software displays a variety of graphics to analyze and update a facility’s lighting requirements and track its usage. Facility managers can also instantly rearrange lighting layouts from one convenient interface.

Lighting control systems are catching on. In fact, a recent Pike Research study projected that the global market for intelligent lighting controls will expand from $1.5 billion in 2012 to more than $4.3 billion in 2020.

This innovative product, along with other lighting control technology, takes energy efficiency to a new level.

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