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Zimmer Parking Garage


Zimmer Parking Garage Lighting Case Study


(Kansas City, MO)



About the Client


Zimmer Real Estate Service is one of the premium property management companies in Kansas City. They are committed to sustainable business solutions and minimize operating costs and maximize the full value of their properties.


Common lighting issues in parking garages include dark shadowy areas, poor light quality and continued maintenance expense. Properly illuminated parking structures create an inviting environment, which creates a sense of security for both pedestrians and drivers.


For this 30,000 square feet 2-level parking garage we implemented a one for one replace of 33 HPS fixtures with high-intensity fluorescent (HIF) vapor-tight fixtures. The project included installation of daylight/motion sensors around the perimeter of the 2nd floor. This lighting upgrade was completed within 3-days with minimal disruption to the building occupants.



  • Cut demand usage in half
  • Reduced 42,005 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions
  • Replaced with efficient premium T8 and LED technology



Cost Savings:

  • Annual utility and maintenance savings of $3,000
  • Rebates & incentives of more than $18,900
  • Annual energy savings of 22,687 kW
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