Woodbridge Case Study




Woodbridge Case Study


(Kansas City, MO)



About the Client


The Woodbridge Group is a worldwide manufacturer of urethane and bead foam technologies, used primarily within the automotive and commercial vehicle industry.  Additionally, The Woodbridge Group offers services in: chemical research and development, product and process engineering, tooling, technical support and accredited laboratory testing.


With a commitment to customer satisfaction, environmental protection and workplace safety, a lighting upgrade was a necessary improvement to their facilities.


Worldwide Energy was contracted to install the phase two of Woodbridge Sequencing Center’s new lighting.  The client worked with another contractor to implement the phase one of their facilities new lighting.  Worldwide Energy exceeded the expectations of the customer in phase two.  Woodbridge’s previous project took over five weeks and resulted in a less than favorable experience.  Worldwide Energy was able to facilitate and complete the project within one week.  The project resulted in better lighting for not only the metal halides that were replaced, but also the lighting in comparison to phase one.


Projected Savings:


Over $7,000 annually on utilities