WEI Case Study: Marshall Spring Manufacturing




Marshall Spring Manufacturing Case Study


(Kansas City, MO) 




About the Client


For over half a century, Marshall Spring Manufacturing has been designing and producing quality springs that perform in a number of various applications.  At Marshall Springs, they have the ability to both create springs that would match the needs of a new machine or process, as well as to create springs that exactly replicate existing models.  Although locally operated, Marshall Spring has customers from all over the country.



Marshall Spring’s warehouse consisted of thirty-five T12 fixtures that all needed to be replaced with new, premium efficient T8 technology.  Worldwide Energy provided the client with multiple savings options.  Option one proposed a new lighting layout for the facility, reducing overall fixture count by the strategic placement of six-lamp T6 fixtures.  The second option was for a fixture for fixture retrofit, changing the T12 lamps to T8.  For this particular project, the second option was chosen and WEI was able to secure rebates to cover 50% of the client’s cost.





  • Annual kWh Savings: 10,288
  • Reduced 15,633 pounds of carbon dioxide
  • Increased visual acuity


Cost Savings:


  • Annual utility and maintenance savings: $1,838
  • Projected ROI of 20 months


Marshall Spring Manufacturing


No matter what size, your facility will benefit greatly from an energy efficiency evaluation and lighting retrofit.  Speak with an energy efficiency consultant at Worldwide Energy to learn what options are available for upgrading your facility, 913.310.0705.


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