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WE-Connect Can Help Reduce Energy Use with Monitoring


Worldwide Energy offers Building Management Energy System.


Lenexa, KS – September 17, 2013: Building managers in Kansas City who are looking for effective energy controls don’t need to look very far. A recent addition to Worldwide Energy’s efficient products does just that.


The WE Connect is a proprietary Building Energy Management System (BEMS) designed to help building managers and owners control and monitor their energy usage, particularly when it comes to HVAC systems. This cloud computing product is made for small to mid-sized facilities such as retail and convenience stores, restaurants, and bank branches, and is ideal for centralized monitoring and control of businesses with multiple locations.


“Building managers today are constantly looking for smart and efficient ways to save money on their utility bill, and this system helps them to do that,” says Gaylen Davenport, president of Worldwide Energy.


“WE Connect is a smart building management energy system that allows users to control and monitor energy usage centrally. This type of technology is leading the way for other energy-efficient products because it is affordable, effective and provides real energy use reductions.”


The system features a Plug & Play model that has advanced control and predictive diagnostics software to reduce a building’s energy and maintenance costs. WE Connect can monitor and manage different aspects of HVAC systems including air control, air connect, load control, cool connect, and cool control. What’s even better is that the system allows for programming to be done locally or remotely; adding extra convenience for building managers and maintenance staff.


Building management energy systems continue to grow as an energy efficient product. In fact, a recent Navigant Research Report* found that “digital controls continue to proliferate throughout the building stock, major companies are prioritizing energy efficiency and sustainability in their strategies, and more stringent policies requiring building owners and utilities to reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings are being implemented at many levels of government – all creating the ideal environment for BEMS adoption.”


For more information about WE Connect, please contact Worldwide Energy at (913) 310-0705.

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