Wal-Mart to Incorporate More Energy Efficient LED Lighting Globally



Wal-Mart has plans for its largest purchase of GE LED lighting to date.  The company is planning a global overhaul of many of its stores, as well as the completion of new stores using only LED lighting.   The new LED lighting is expected to use 40% less energy compared to older lighting sources that have been used in the past for commercial, retail spaces.  Wal-Mart president and chief executive officer, Doug McMillon, stresses in the press release that in addition to playing a key role in company’s  sustainability goals, the new LED lighting will help keep prices down for consumers.


Wal-Mart has made strides to be a leader in the retail industry with regards to sustainability.  On top of implementing energy efficient, LED lighting to a number of new and existing stores’ sales floors, they began using LED signage in 2003, were one of the first to use LED parking lot fixtures, and even had one of the first large scale roll-outs of LED freezers.


With this round of LED installation, U.S. stores are expected to have a yearly energy savings of 340,000 kWh per store, nearly $34,000 in savings a year.  Additionally, the environmental benefits are substantial, with a predicted elimination of over 327,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions over the next ten years.  To put it in perspective, that equates to the footprint from over 68,000 passenger vehicles, or the energy use of nearly 30,000 homes in just a year.


It is easy to see how this LED overhaul not only benefits Wal-Mart executives in energy savings, but also the environment in reduced emissions, as well as the consumer with less mark-up in product cost.  Call 913.310.0705 to see how a commercial lighting retrofit can benefit your company and your customer.



Source: The Wall Street Journal

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