Upgrade to Better Lighting

recent article claims that more efficient lighting could save the U.S. $10 billion by replacing existing fluorescent lighting.

According to a study commissioned by the Department of Energy, commercial buildings were found to have the largest share of lighting energy use, about 51%, followed by residential and industrial buildings.

The two largest commercial lighting energy users are fluorescent and incandescent, which accounts for 56% and 32% of annual energy usage respectively. But with the recent Department of Energy mandates, the commonly-used T12 lamps will no longer be manufactured effective July 14, 2012.

Replacing outdated and inefficient lighting not only saves money, but can be a significant step in reducing energy use and cost.

In his article encouraging government facilities to consider lighting retrofits, Kurt Vogel wrote, “Lighting retrofits are an ideal solution to achieve energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing luminaries while also supporting sustainability goals.”

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