Upcoming Solar Rebate Program Deadline




Solar Rebate Program Deadline – December 31st, 2014




The costs of the Solar Power Rebate program are determined by Missouri law.  There is a common misconception that only companies making an investment in solar energy are funding this program, but the fact is ALL Missouri customers are funding the program.


Solar rebate payments have a one-time program limit, and where you live impacts the rates, programs and services you receive.  KCP&L’s maximum amount that can be spent on rebates paid to Solar customers is $50 million and currently there are a few million dollars left in the program, while KCP&L Great Missouri Operations (GMO) has already eclipsed their $36.5 million budget.  Rebate applications from Missouri customers must be received by December 31, 2014 and the system must be operational by June 30, 2015 to receive the maximum available Solar Rebate of $1.50/watt.  Beginning January 1, 2015 the Solar Rebate drops to $1.00/watt.  Every year the rebate will drop until the program ends in 2019.


If you’ve been considering Solar Power, you want to work with a reputable company that will be around for the life of your system.  Solar equipment typically has a 25+year life expectancy, so you should carefully consider both the manufacturer of the equipment strength and stability as well as whether your solar installer will be there to support you for the life of the system.  Is the solar equipment manufacturer going to be here to honor their warranty?  “One-trick” Companies dedicated only to solar are going to be severely impacted by the end of rebates in this area.  Will they survive without rebates?


Worldwide Energy’s experience with Solar Installations, our stable manufacturers, and our diversified business model will provide you with a system that will provide maximum production from a system manufactured by a reputable, stable company and installed by Worldwide Energy, a company dedicated to providing best in class service and one that will be there to support your solar installation for the long run.

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