Topaz Solar Farm, World’s Largest Solar Power Plant – Now in Operation



Topaz Solar Farm is now producing clean electricity in San Luis Obispo County, California.  The largest solar power plant in the world has a 550 MW capacity, yields nine million solar panels, and took only two years of construction to complete.  It is expected that as many as 160,000 homes will be powered by this single power plant, and with a population of 276,000, that could equate to nearly all of the residents in San Luis Obispo County using energy generated from Topaz Solar Farm.


As would be expected, the environmental benefits of this project are huge, with a projected displacement of 377,000 tons of CO2 annually, which is the equivalent output from 73,000 cars.  The electricity generated is clean and renewable, keeping pollutants out of the air while keeping more money in residents’ pockets.


In addition to residents saving on annual utility expenses, the project stimulated the local economy by bringing approximately 400 construction jobs to the area, $14 million in sales taxes throughout the construction process, and up to $400,000 in continual revenue from property taxes each year.



image: Wikipedia



The environmental impact of the growing number of solar arrays is important, but the social and economical benefits are also great.  Solar arrays can be extremely flexible to fit the individual needs, they offer long-term utility cost savings, require very little maintenance, and generate zero carbon emissions.  Speak to one of our representatives today to see how a solar array can improve your facility.