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For the sixth year in a row, Los Angeles has topped the list of U.S. cities with the most Energy Star-certified buildings with nearly 450.  Because commercial buildings consume such large amounts of energy, (17% of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions,)  the EPA conducts studies annually to determine who is leading the race for energy efficient cities.  Washington D.C., Atlanta, New York City, and San Francisco follow with the two through five positions, respectively.  A notable drop in standing from the previous year belongs to the city of Chicago, falling from number three to six in a year.


Energy Star puts emphasis on a building’s energy efficiency, requiring structures to perform in the top 25% of like buildings in order to be certified.  The EPA reports that Energy Star certified offices cost $.50 less per square foot to operate than those that do not meet the qualifications.  Additionally, Energy Star buildings in the U.S. have saved over $3.1 billion in utility costs for 2013, (the equivalent of taking 3.3 million cars off of the road.)


Overall, the U.S. is moving in the right direction in the way of energy efficiency, with more than ten times as many Energy Star-certified buildings by the end of 2013 as existed a decade ago.  The latest full list can be found here.



2013 Top Energy Star-Certified City Rankings:


1. Los Angeles

2. Washington, D.C.

3. Atlanta

4. New York City

5. San Francisco

6. Chicago

7. Dallas

8. Denver

9. Philadelphia

10. Houston

11. Charlotte, N.C.

12. Phoenix

13. Boston

14. Seattle

15. San Diego

16. Minneapolis

17. Sacramento, Calif.

18. Miami

19. Cincinnati

20. San Jose, Calif.

21. Columbus, Oh.

22. Riverside, Calif.

23. Detroit

24. Portland, Ore.

25. Louisville, Ky.



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Source: Green Biz, Elsa Wenzel

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