The Time for T12 Replacement is Now



If you are one of the companies that HASN’T cashed in on rebate incentives to attain upgrades on their lighting for energy savings, the time to do so is now.  We have helped hundreds of companies who didn’t understand the program, or perhaps thought it was too good to be true, or simply didn’t know where to begin.  The rebate process can appear daunting initially, but WEI’s turnkey solution takes the guessing and stress out of the equation.




Why do we need to upgrade?


T12 lighting has been government banned and obsolete for nearly two years.  Since then, there have been multiple approaches taken by companies to deal with the T12 issue.  Some companies chose to buy up as much T12 inventory as they could find to postpone their upgrade from T12 lamps and ballasts.  Now that those inventories have depleted, the remaining T12 inventories available in stores is scarce, not to mention the outdated lighting becoming increasingly expensive.


Another option we have encountered recently is companies installing T8 lamps in fixtures with T12 ballasts.  There are a number of problems with this, the primary one being that the T8 lamps receive more power than they need to operate.  This wastes energy and causes premature lamp failure, which drives up maintenance costs.




Why upgrade now?


Utility costs have increased more than 50% over the past five years, up 10% in the last year alone! It’s safe to say rates are not going down any time soon.  While we cannot control what electricity costs, we CAN control how much we use.


Companies that upgrade now can enjoy energy savings of as much as 50%.


Utility rebates for T12 upgrades are being reduced, and nearly all will be eliminated by the end of this year… (see our KCP&L Rebate Update FAQ.)


Upgrading from outdated T12 will do more for your facility than simply reduce utility cost.  It will improve your company’s image, worker productivity, comfort, and safety.  Customers and clients can literally SEE the difference.  Higher quality lighting has been proven to have a positive affect on an individual’s health and mood.  It will benefit your employees, your patrons, and your bottom line with 30-50% in utility costs.




Why use Worldwide Energy as your energy solutions provider?


WEI offers a turnkey solution.  From drawing up multi-option proposals, to securing the rebates, to the completion of project with minimal interference to daily operations.  We also specialize in maintenance, keeping your lights shining bright for years to come!  Let us help you through this transition.  There is no doubt you will need to upgrade, and soon at that.  WEI will make the process seamless while you enjoy all the benefits to come.

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