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4 Ways to Make Transportation Fuel More Sustainable


There’s no denying that transportation fuel systems could become more sustainable, but how?


In June 2013, BSR held a four-part series discussion to help companies understanding the greatest sustainability impacts of transportation fuel systems, and what can be done to make them more efficient.

The discussion included 185 representatives from fleet operators, vehicle manufacturers, and energy producers and providers. You can read the full discussion here.


The main points were:

  • Efficiency should be the first “fuel” of choice as it works as it also conserves physical supplies and avoids environmental impacts.
  • Significant technological development is needed across all fuel types.
  • We must set an effective price on carbon and prioritize other policies to encourage more sustainable fuel use.
  • Increasing collaboration throughout the supply change can help connect the actions and investments of fuel production upstream.

Read more about the discussion at Greenbiz.com.

Wind Energy Consumption Rises

According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), electricity capacity increased 40 percent in the third quarter this year compared with 2011.

“Wind energy jumped significantly because many new wind farms came online,” said AJ Simon, an LLNL energy systems analysts. “This is the result of sustained investment in wind power.”

But the growth could be deterred because Congress has yet to decide whether it will extend a 2.2-cent per kilowatt-hour tax credit for wind power production. The credit is scheduled to end Dec. 31, 2012.

While wind energy consumption rises, overall energy consumption dropped 7 percent to 97.3 quadrillion BTU, according to the LLNL. The lab credited that to a shift to more energy-efficient transportation and residential technologies.

Source: The Hill blog

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