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How to Drive Innovation in a Small Business


Energy efficiency doesn’t always come so easily. So how do you get your small business on board to drive innovation?


According to some new research, “innovation can show up in almost any of your company’s operations, including how you design, package, and promote products; how you hire and train employees; and even the type of business you run. Innovation can be free and simple or expensive and complex.”


Innovation can involve a lot of things including improving employee health and safety, increasing revenue, and lowering energy costs. By doing this, small businesses can receive a stronger reputation and make changes in their industry.


The tips to drive innovation include:

  • Change where you’re headed by setting big goals, using back-casting, and ensuring the whole company is on board.
  • Change what you know starting with asking employees for ideas, scan unfamiliar places for inspiration, get inspired by nature, and “unlearn” outdated knowledge.
  • Change how you work by rethinking your business model, replace products with services, and turn garbage into gold.
  • Change who you work with by broadening your networks, embracing “co-opetition”, and continuing education.


Read more about the research conducted by GreenBiz.com.

Energy Savings for Small Businesses

Businesses can save big with energy efficient projects like retrofitting outdated lighting.

Small and medium businesses are missing out on big energy savings. With energy costs rising 6-8 percent annually, businesses are quoting “energy costs as their biggest expense behind real estate and labor.”

A report by the Center for an Urban Future found that one big opportunity for small businesses to reduce costs has gone ignored: becoming energy efficient, and that “significant savings – up to thousands of dollars a year for even the smallest firms have been left on the table.”

Several roadblocks for small business owners include lack of financing, lack of customized solutions, and lack of technical expertise. That’s why working with the right partner is key to the success of becoming energy efficient.

At Worldwide Energy, we provide a complete turn-key approach, so we take care of the planning, implementation, and documentation for your business to receive the maximum benefits and incentives for becoming energy efficient.

With local rebates and incentives still available, Kansas City area small businesses are sure to find big savings. Contact us today to schedule a facility review.

Source: Clean Technica

Lighting Matters for Small Businesses

Lighting can be a critical component to any small business, and can help save on energy costs.

Small businesses should think seriously about their lighting. It seems simple, but lighting is a critical component of any small business because it can improve employee efficiency, and be aesthetically pleasing to encourage sales.

“Depending on the type of business you operate, lighting accounts for 20 to 50 percent of electricity consumption. This means that significant cost savings can be achieved with energy-efficiency improvements,” advises the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The SBA provides a detailed article about the different kinds of efficient lighting technology on their website. It’s definitely worth taking a look at if you are thinking of retrofitting or upgrading your building’s lighting system.

With the right design and effective technology, businesses are sure to enhance performance and save on energy costs.

Source: U.S. Small Business Administration

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