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LED Lighting Creates Better Learning Environments


Administrators at the Cherokee Elementary School in Scottsdale, Arizona are hoping that LED light fixtures will help students focus more; particularly special education students.


Educators found that students in the special education classes were often bothered or distracted from the continuous flickering and buzzing of fluorescent lighting. To fix this, the classrooms were retrofitted with new LED fixtures that provided a quiet atmosphere and better lighting for the students.


The lighting retrofit also saved the school nearly 60 percent in energy consumption, plus additional reductions in maintenance costs. The school received utility rebates to help offset some of the costs of the project.


“Augmenting the need for fewer fixtures to provide the needed light, the LED luminaires use less ceiling space while illuminating the same amount of area inside the classrooms. In addition, the fixtures are fully dimmable with a hand-held infrared device so teachers can adjust the lighting levels to meet the changing needs of the classroom.”


Creating a conducive lighting environment can spell out better concentration, productivity, and safety for occupants, especially in schools and businesses.


Source: ThomasNet.com

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