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Building Owners Create Big Savings with Small Steps


According to a new report, it doesn’t take much for building owners to enjoy plenty of energy efficiency savings. In fact, all it takes are a few small, but important steps.


Written by the nonprofit Carbon War Room, the white paper is called “Raising the Roof: How to Create Climate Wealth Through Energy Efficiency” and surveyed more than 30 municipalities from Chicago to New Zealand.


It found that misinformation and a lack of understanding are a few reasons why building owners don’t utilize efficiency practices. The findings are surprising: with some key steps, building managers can reduce energy use by 80 percent, cutting more than $78 billion per year from electricity bills.


Joshua Kagan, the Carbon War Room’s operation lead for building energy efficiency, says that current industry and commercial technologies, including LED and lighting controls, could achieve a 3-20 percent reduction in carbon emissions with little upfront costs.


“There’s been a misperception that we need future technologies to be discovered or created to drive down emissions and we already have those technologies today,” said Kagan.


“If you’re a business and you’re able to reduce efficiency costs to a building, which often times is the largest expense, you can reduce the operating costs and therefore increase the value of the building.”


To read more about the study, visit Greenbiz.com.

Managers Plan for Sustainability

80% of surveyed property managers have sustainability strategies in place, and dedicated resources to implement them.

A recent survey found that 80 percent of real estate investors and managers have sustainability strategies and dedicated resources to implement it. What’s more is that 60 percent have been collecting and reporting energy consumption data this year.

The 2012 Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) Report  included data from 450 property companies that provides information for 36,000 properties. A significant portion reported that their companies have dedicated resources for sustainability management, carry out comprehensive external reporting, and have developed plans to implement sustainability measures.

Other trends found in the report included the rising prevalence of green building certification. About 51 percent included green building certificates in their portfolio, including LEED certifications.

Many property managers are seeing the benefits of long-term sustainability including energy efficient lighting, HVAC, window film, and even renewable energy.

Source: Environmental Leader

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