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Sustainability Innovation in Three Parts

The easiest way to spur innovation in your organization is to set some challenging sustainable business goals.

If you’re looking to add sustainability innovation to your company, GreenBiz has an informative blog series on how to do it. The articles, from the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS), is a great guide for companies who know that innovation and sustainability to be the key to their company’s success.

But how do you implement it? Innovation and sustainability aren’t mutually exclusive, and reinforce each other. “The easiest way to spur innovation in your organization is to set some challenging sustainable business goals.”

According to the NBS, there are three types of sustainable companies or stages. The first is operational optimization – doing the same things better; organizational transformation – doing good by doing new things; and systems building – doing good by doing new things with others.

There are also three steps for sustainable innovation for business:

“Innovation involves reaching out beyond the walls of your own organization. Done right, it can push your company to the pinnacle of sustainable business practice.”

The series is a great read for any business looking at implementing sustainable and innovative practices to guide their sustainability policies.

Plan Doubles U.S. Energy Productivity by 2030

The Alliance Commission on National Energy Efficiency Policy released a report with recommendations that could double the energy productivity of the U.S. by 2030.

The report found that a doubling of energy productivity would reduce U.S. carbon dioxide pollution down to four billion tons per year by 2030, which is 33 percent below 2005 levels.

“The Commission’s recommendations are an innovative approach to greatly increasing our nation’s use of energy efficiency – which represents a huge and largely untapped – opportunity,” said Commission President Fred Krupp.

The commission is a diverse coalition of energy leaders from energy utilities, academia, industry, and environmental groups.

Read more about the report.

Energy Efficiencies May Save $169B for Businesses

Commercial buildings energy

The aggressive promotion of efficiency programs could cut $169 billion a year from the energy bills of U.S. businesses by 2030.

According to a recent report, the aggressive promotion of efficiency programs could cut $169 billion a year from the utility bills of U.S. businesses by 2030.

The Alliance Commission on National Energy Efficiency Policy found that the U.S. could double its productivity, which in turn would create thousands of jobs and save homeowners and businesses billions of dollars in annual utility costs.

“Stopping energy waste will help all Americans get the most out of their hard-earned income,” said Kateri Callahan, president of the Alliance to Save Energy.

Read more about the report at Bloomberg.com.

Energy Efficient Talk

Why isn’t energy efficiency routinely at the top of the national energy discussion? This was the question panelists sought to answer during a recent lecture series presentation by New York Times’ senior energy reporter Matt Wald.

Part of the discussion was Institute for Building Efficiency (IBE) which recently published a report about the growing private sector interest in cutting energy waste, and in making commercial buildings operate more cleanly. The report found that “over 60 percent of global respondents said their organizations were investing in energy efficiency.”

Wald, who has much experience in covering energy efficiency issues, discussed how efficiency is good for us, but it’s difficult to follow through. He equated energy efficiency with flossing, “it’s a wonderful idea but it’s hard to get people to do it.”

The bigger question though is how can we not become energy efficient? There are many examples of how converting to energy efficiency can benefit building owners in reducing energy use and costs. It really becomes not a matter of if energy efficiency will benefit us, but when.

Source: Energy Boom

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