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Largest LED Parking Garage Retrofit at MGM Grand Detroit

The MGM Grand in Detroit has another achievement to add to its sustainability. The building recently completed a LED retrofit of its 61-acre parking garage.
The retrofit is said to be one of the nation’s largest LED parking garage projects, and includes more than 3,000 LED lamps. It took about three months to complete, and will reduce the garage’s annual energy use by 80 percent.
“Implementation of new lighting technologies is an important component of our overall strategy,” said Cindy Ortega, the Chief Sustainability Officer for MGM Resorts International. “After extensive research and testing in the local environment, LED proved to be the best option for reducing energy and costs.”
LED technology can produce an energy savings of 50 to 80 percent, especially in garages where lamps are typically on most hours of the day. Compared to traditional lighting, LEDs have much longer operating lives, resulting in less maintenance costs.
Earlier this year, the company initiated other sustainability initiatives including installing induction lighting to open parking lots, and installing solar panels on a convention center.
Source: Travel Daily News

Energy Efficient Parking Garages

Proper lighting for a parking garage can save on energy and costs.

When we think of ways to save energy, parking garages aren’t usually our first thought. But a garage typically uses 15% of the energy that the building it is attached to uses, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

A parking garage can be seen as a secondary building, but what businesses are finding is that retrofitting a parking garage and updating its lighting can save a lot of energy, costs, and still be functional and look aesthetically pleasing.

“It’s an interesting thing to look at a parking garage as not just something that’s subservient to the campus, but as a building that has its own energy-saving contributions to make,” RNL Senior Project Manager Tony Thornton said.

And considering that parking garages use as much (if not more) lighting than a traditional building, the potential for saving energy and on utilities is definitely worth exploring for any business.

Read how the DOE retrofitted their parking garage to see how they saved on energy and costs.

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