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Energy Efficiency is a $60 Billion Opportunity

According to a recent study by ESource, energy efficiency could become a $60 billion opportunity.

The study found that businesses waste a collective $60 billion a year, or 30% of the power consumed by U.S. industrial and commercial facilities.

The report goes on to look at the details of certain industries including restaurants, health care, data centers, and government.

Energy efficiency is sometimes called the “fifth fuel” after coal, oil, nuclear, and renewables. But energy efficiency deserves better than co-equal status, as its side effects are small. After all, “the cleanest and cheapest energy is the energy that we don’t use.”

Source: 4-Traders.com

Solar Energy Bright in Benefits

Each month, Worldwide Energy Vice President and COO Gaylen Davenport will publish his thoughts on the latest energy-efficient news, products, and trends.

Solar energy is no longer a technology of the future. In fact, it is the fastest growing energy source in the world, and businesses are taking advantage of this affordable, efficient, and reliable source.

Solar energy is clean, renewable, and generates zero carbon dioxide emissions, so it does not harm ecosystems and reduces our dependence on fossil fuels.

Utilizing the sun’s abundant rays, solar panels capture the sunlight and convert it to electricity that can be used. The sun generates more than 10,000 times the amount of energy the entire world consumes annually, and the vast potential for this “free” energy is enticing.

The power of solar technology is increasingly beneficial to businesses that are looking to reduce their long-term energy bills, while adding to their green communities. The solar panels themselves have no moving parts, make no noise, and need very little maintenance, a benefit to any building owner. And solar panels increase property value.

In the long run, businesses can save a great deal of money since it does not cost anything to harness the power of the sun. In the Kansas City area, the average annual sunshine level is nearly 5 hours a day, above average compared to other parts of the U.S. so utilizing the sun’s energy for electricity uses is very practical and beneficial.

There’s no denying it, solar is a large investment, much like any “new” technology, but available incentives can offset a large part of that investment. As technology and products continue to develop, and as more people adopt renewable energy practices, the costs will continue to drop.

More importantly, adopting renewable, energy-efficient technology not only creates a new standard for business, but a better, greener environment.


U.S. Senate Committee Hearing

Last week, the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee heard testimony on innovative ways for financing energy efficient building retrofits.

A panel of energy and real estate experts told Congress it could improve building energy efficiency, without ongoing governmental funding, by “streamlining efficiency standards and encouraging innovative financing techniques.”

As more and more business look to energy efficient buildings to reduce expenses, improve property values, create productive working areas, and reduce toxic pollution, the testimony could not come at a better time. In fact, the panel, which included the CEO of Real Estate Roundtable (RER), Jeffrey Deboer, testified that energy efficiency is critical to their businesses, and many clients seek out energy efficient buildings.

There’s no doubt that the energy efficiency industry is growing and creating jobs, so the need to invest in efficient buildings is a definite bright spot for future investments.

The full committee hearing can be heard here.

Source: Natural Resources Defense Council 

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