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Featured Product: Intelligent Lighting Controls

Intelligent lighting controls offer more versatility and opportunities to save on utility bills.

Ideal for property managers or high-usage buildings, intelligent lighting controls offer more versatility and opportunities to save on utility bills.

Intelligent lighting controls are lighting systems that can be controlled centrally, giving facility managers a better way to monitor and control lighting. In most systems, fixtures in a room can communicate wirelessly with each other, allowing for room-level intelligence with a minimal amount of equipment, wiring, and expense.

Facility managers are quickly beginning to see the benefits of a lighting control system, especially in industries that require much energy usage. Once implemented, these systems can improve workplace ergonomics, occupant productivity, and tenant satisfaction by optimizing lighting quality.

As this technology continues to develop, we believe more companies will see the benefits of efficient lighting and intelligent lighting controls.

Lighting Controls Are Next

A recent report on intelligent lighting controls can shed a lot of light on their benefits.
Lighting control systems involve a variety of new technologies that reduce a building’s energy usage by monitoring lighting, occupancy, heating, and much more.

Building owners and managers often use control systems to meet building codes and regulations that are needed for energy efficiency.

The report analyzes the opportunity for intelligent controls across nine building types including offices, retail spaces, hotels and restaurants, and warehouses.

Source: The Sacramento Bee

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