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Small, High-Output Light Emitting Plasma

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Worldwide Energy recently completed a full plasma lighting install for a local car dealer. Seeing how pleased our client was with their new lighting reminded me of all the benefits to this technology.

Light emitting plasma (LEP) is a high output, solid-state light technology that is more energy efficient than metal halide or sodium HID lights. Ideal for car dealerships, parking lots, and street lighting, LEP can reduce energy use up to 70 percent. Even better, they maintain over 80% of their initial light levels for 50,000 hours, which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

So how does plasma work? In simple terms, a LEP consists of two fundamental parts: an emitter and radio frequency (RF) driver. The emitter is a quartz lamp, which is about the size of a thumbnail, and is embedded in a ceramic resonator.

One tiny LEP lamp provides the light output equivalent to a 400w metal halide which is the size of a football! The LEP light source has stable power delivery, rapid start and restrike, all without the mechanical failures.

LEP fixtures provide better light uniformity and distribution, and have superior performance in higher luminance applications including distribution centers and factories. LEP also features a full color spectrum with a CRI of up to 94, making it ideal for specialty applications including growing plants in greenhouses.

Although small, light emitting plasma emits enough brilliant white light to enable lighting designers to reduce the quantity of fixtures needed in most cases.

Although small, this product emits enough brilliant white light to enable lighting designers to reduce the quantity of fixtures needed in most cases.  LEP is the only high-intensity light source that you can dim down to 20% and back to full brightness in a fraction of a second. This capability provides a huge opportunity to save energy and reduce operating cost when combined with an occupancy or daylight sensor.

There’s no doubt LEP can be a powerful light source, but it’s not right for every application. To find out if LEP might be the right solution for your application, schedule a complimentary facility review today with one of our specialists.


Light Emitting Plasma Shines

Light Emitting Plasma Source Worldwide Energy Luxim Kansas City

Light emitting plasma bulbs are small, but have an equivalent output of a 400 watt metal halide, or 30 LED bulbs.

Car dealerships are sure to enjoy the technology of light emitting plasma. LEP is a high output light that is ideal for creating bright and even lighting, especially over cars or parking lots.

Some more benefits include:

  • 50,000 lifetime hours
  • Stable power delivery
  • No mechanical failures
  • Rapid start & restrike
  • Reduces energy up to 70% compared to HID lights

Stay tuned to our blog to read about Worldwide Energy’s first full plasma install.

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