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4 LED Traffic Light Benefits


Everywhere you turn, more and more businesses are switching to LED lighting. But what are the benefits for municipalities?


LED street lighting is actually very common, with many cities making the big change recently.


Switching from traditional halogen bulbs to LED traffic lights can offer many benefits. Here’s a list from Living Green Magazine:


  • LED units, although more costly than traditional lighting, are ultimately less expensive over the long-term. LED lights last significantly longer than old-fashioned bulbs, and require less maintenance. That’s estimated to save cities up to $600 at a single intersection every year.
  • Commuters are saved the inconvenience of increased traffic while bulbs are replaced. New LEDs can last for six or seven years, which mean there is less of a need to replace bulbs in intersections.
  • LED lights are more energy-efficient than the old-fashioned incandescent lights. Because LEDs consist of small electronic lights, they provide better lighting with less wattage. Typically a 25-watt LED bulb can compare to a 150-watt incandescent.
  • The brightness of LEDs makes them easier for drivers to see, enhancing overall safety, especially in challenging conditions. Compared to halogen lights, LED stand out better against the sun, which allows drivers to view the traffic lights better, enhancing overall road safety.


Source: Living Green Magazine

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