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LED Lighting Creates Better Learning Environments


Administrators at the Cherokee Elementary School in Scottsdale, Arizona are hoping that LED light fixtures will help students focus more; particularly special education students.


Educators found that students in the special education classes were often bothered or distracted from the continuous flickering and buzzing of fluorescent lighting. To fix this, the classrooms were retrofitted with new LED fixtures that provided a quiet atmosphere and better lighting for the students.


The lighting retrofit also saved the school nearly 60 percent in energy consumption, plus additional reductions in maintenance costs. The school received utility rebates to help offset some of the costs of the project.


“Augmenting the need for fewer fixtures to provide the needed light, the LED luminaires use less ceiling space while illuminating the same amount of area inside the classrooms. In addition, the fixtures are fully dimmable with a hand-held infrared device so teachers can adjust the lighting levels to meet the changing needs of the classroom.”


Creating a conducive lighting environment can spell out better concentration, productivity, and safety for occupants, especially in schools and businesses.


Source: ThomasNet.com

Switch to LED Lights Helps Cities Save


Add two more to the list of cities that have switched to LED. Eden Prairie and Brooklyn Park are two communities in Minnesota that are making the switch from traditional streetlights to modern, more efficient LED models.


The street superintendent for Brooklyn Park says that the retrofit of 4,300 lights will save the city about $45,000 a year on it’s utility bill. “We’re saving more than 50 percent of our costs on energy and our maintenance costs are almost nonexistent.”


Eden Prairie is also testing out the brighter LED lights as well, and saving about 60 percent on the city’s utility bill.


Though the upfront costs could deter some cities and businesses, LED lighting will last much longer than traditional lighting, and requires less maintenance. And there’s the added value of utility rebates and tax incentives, which provides financial incentives to those seeking energy efficient upgrades.


Source: KSTP.com

LED Lights Help NASA Astronauts Sleep

NASA is making a change on the International Space Station to help the astronauts sleep more soundly, combat insomnia which can trigger depression or sickness.

“NASA is preparing to replace the station’s florescent panel lights with solid-state lighting modules that would dim and change hues between colors to reflect the time of day.”

See the video for more information.

Top Lighting Developments of the Year

As 2012 comes to a close, let’s take a look back at some lighting developments of the year.

The year began with the phase-out of the incandescent light bulb, and the subsequent ban of common T12 bulbs. And as the era of inefficient lighting ended it passed the torch to newer, more efficient replacements including T8s and plasma.

It was also a big year for light emitting diodes, or LEDs. The innovative technology celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, and is gaining popularity among consumers and business owners alike. In fact, many retail stores are looking to make the big switch to just LED, including Ikea.

See other lighting highlights and developments of the year.

How to Save $100 Billion Globally

According to a new study, the widespread adoption of LED lamps will create a global energy savings worth $100 billion over the next five years. IMS Research found that a rapid uptake of retrofit LED lamps has a huge potential market.

On average, lighting accounts for about 19 percent of the world’s current energy usage. But IMS Research estimated that by 2016, about 15 percent of all lighting on the market will be based on LED technology, which would reduce global energy consumption of lighting by at least 20 percent.

With an average life expectancy of over 30,000 hours, LED lights not only save on energy, but are cost-effective as well.

Retrofitting commercial buildings is a growing market, and has many boosts by legislation that bans conventional incandescent bulbs.

While switching to LED lamps may seem simple, most commercial buildings require more work and planning.

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Source: IMS Research

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