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Kansas Wind Power Needs a Boost


In a recent article published in the Washington Post, columnist Jim Malewitz examines how wind power efforts in Kansas needs a boost of electric power lines.


“Kansas has more wind energy potential than any state except Texas, but eight states generate more total megawatts of wind power.”


Part of the problem is not having enough high-voltage electric power lines to connect remote areas, where the turbines are, to the active cities that use and need it. And building power lines is not easy.


“Lawmakers in Kansas and other states are pitching an interstate compact to streamline that process, and add renewable energy to the grid faster.” A similar bill passed through the Kansas House this year, with similar proposals in Washington and Missouri.


Experts are seeing the need for more transmission lines to bring power to the grid, especially with the rise in energy demand. Government incentives and technological advances are sure to spur investments in renewable energy.


Source: The Washington Post

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