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March Feature Product: SORAA LED

Soraa LED bulb

SORAA LED bulbs are made from gallium nitride (GaN) crystals, which produce more light per area to make colors more vibrant.

SORAA features ordinary LED lighting that is extraordinarily brilliant and efficient. Their full spectrum of gallium nitride (GaN) LED lamps have superior color rendering and beam characteristics compared to lamps using LEDs created from non-native substrates.

SORAA LED lights have a great performance with a single light source, crisp shadow, and are dimmable. The lights have a CRI 95 index, are lightweight, and available in three degree beams. The lamps have a long life of 25,000 hours and include a three year warranty.

Compared to standard 50W halogen lamps, SORAA LED lamps save about 75 percent more energy, with a typical payback of one year or less.

What sets SORAA apart from other LEDs is that they are made from gallium nitride crystals, which are grown onto a dissimilar substrate. These crystals produce more light per area, emitting a broad continuous spectrum, and rendering more color wavelengths to make colors look more vibrant.

Contact one of our certified energy representatives to learn more about SORAA LED lights.


By Gaylen Davenport

Feature Product: LumenOptix

Lumenoptix lighting retrofit This month’s feature product is LumenOptix. This vendor specializes in the design and fabrication of intelligent lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, and retail buildings.

Their energy efficient lighting products feature leading edge technologies that produce high performance, and are safe and dependable. LumenOptix fluorescent lamps can noticeably reduce your utility bill, and with controls, have a short return.

Each LumenOptix product that we carry is manufactured in the United States according to the highest industry standards and procedures.

To find out how these products can benefit your company, schedule a complementary facility review with one of our qualified auditors.

Featured Product: Intelligent Lighting Controls

Intelligent lighting controls offer more versatility and opportunities to save on utility bills.

Ideal for property managers or high-usage buildings, intelligent lighting controls offer more versatility and opportunities to save on utility bills.

Intelligent lighting controls are lighting systems that can be controlled centrally, giving facility managers a better way to monitor and control lighting. In most systems, fixtures in a room can communicate wirelessly with each other, allowing for room-level intelligence with a minimal amount of equipment, wiring, and expense.

Facility managers are quickly beginning to see the benefits of a lighting control system, especially in industries that require much energy usage. Once implemented, these systems can improve workplace ergonomics, occupant productivity, and tenant satisfaction by optimizing lighting quality.

As this technology continues to develop, we believe more companies will see the benefits of efficient lighting and intelligent lighting controls.

Feature Product: tenKsolar

tenksolar products panels Worldwide Energy

tenKsolar offers superior solar systems that are designed to be efficient, reliable, and safe.

The benefits of solar can be bountiful, just like the sun’s rays. It’s no wonder more businesses are investing in solar energy. Our feature product of the month is tenKsolar, a fully integrated solar system.

tenKsolar offers superior solar solutions and products that are designed to be more effic ient, more reliable, and safer than any other solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

The tenKsolar RAIS WAVE system takes an integrated approach that incorporates well-tested components, and patent-pending technologies. It includes reflectors that add light while minimizing heat transfer, low-voltage inverters to minimize safety risks, and an integrated racking system that simplifies installation and reduces cost.

Solar power is a renewable energy, which means it reduces our dependence on fossil fuels, and does not harm our ecosystems. tenKsolar offers quality solar systems to help you accomplish that.

Feature Product: Occupancy Sensors

Saving with energy-efficient lighting is more than just updating technology; it’s also about how long the lights stay on.

Occupancy motion sensors can reduce lighting energy use, and save on energy costs.

Occupancy sensors detect activity within a certain area, so they provide convenience by turning lights on automatically when someone enters a room, and reduce lighting energy use by turning lights off soon after the last occupant has left the area. Motion sensors are great for any room where lights are often inadvertently left on, or where lights are used sporadically.

Ideal for small and large buildings, the sensors can help save as much as 20% in restrooms, 50% in storage rooms, and 80% in stairwells. Occupancy sensors also make it easy to control lighting, and reduce energy use.

Sensor units typically consist of a motion sensor, an electronic control unit, and a controllable switch. It also has a timer which signals the electronic control unit after a set period of inactivity. Units can be installed indoor or outdoor, and are typically wall-mounted.

Occupancy sensors are a great way to save you even more, and that’s why they are our feature product for the month.

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