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DOE Seeking to Spur Energy Storage Innovation

According to a brief from the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI), a Department of Energy program could provide wider opportunities to implement storage technologies.


Currently, the $120 million program helps spur innovation and encourage utilities to implement energy storage technologies. The program is seeking to provide five times more the energy storage supply at one-fifth the cost of today’s lithium ion storage by 2017.


“Effective energy storage can help utilities deal with intermittent power supply, shortages and interruptions, but the high cost of research has been a detriment to developing them.”


The program’s efforts will help develop advanced versions of compressed air, pumped hydroelectric, and flywheel energy storage.


The brief notes that legislation has been introduced to Congress to provide a 30 percent investment tax credit for businesses that install storage technology.


Source: Energy Manager Today

Energy Storage System Coming to KC

KCP&L is piloting a new smart grid energy storage technology in Kansas City.

KCP&L, MRIGlobal, and Exergonix Inc. are running a trial of a new smart grid energy storage technology in Kansas City.

Developed by Exergonix, the new technology features a nano-battery, one-megawatt cell that is being tested in its first live smart grid test. Installed last summer, the battery will support KCP&L’s SmartGrid Demonstration Area.

The battery is being tested for its effectiveness for managing energy on the electric grid. “The battery stores solar energy produced in the Demonstration Area, and is used to support energy delivery during peak demand times of the day.”

Source: Energy Manager Today

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