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More Efficient Cars Than Ever


New cars are more efficient than ever, according to researchers at the University of Michigan’s transportation research institute.


The data on the fuel economy of new cars and trucks showed a strong improvement of 4.7 miles-per-gallon since fall of 2007.


The information collected was for fuel ratings, not actual fuel consumption. In fact, “the government is currently reevaluating its sticker rating system after concerns that automakers overstate fuel economy.”


Even though fuel economy can be imprecise, the energy and environmental performance of vehicles is increasing when looking at actual fuel consumed.


And we’ll continue to see the more improvements, especially when George W. Bush signed a law increasing fuel economy standards in 2007, and the Obama administration recently increased those standars. Look for light vehicles to have at least 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025.


Source: GreenTechMedia

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