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Boosting Efficiency Investment in Missouri

Energy efficiency measures have always been a way to reduce the amount of energy used.  “Energy efficiency is the single most cost-effective resource that provides a means of meeting energy and demand needs while also minimizing the need to build new, expensive generating plants or to retrofit older fossil fuel plants.”

In 2009, the Missouri General Assembly passed into law the Missouri Energy Efficiency Investment Act. The law sought to “value demand-side investments equal to traditional investments in supply and delivery infrastructure and allow recovery of all reasonable and prudent costs of delivering cost-effective demand-side programs.”

Most recently, the Missouri commission approved two proposals from Ameren Missouri and KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations. The proposals each implement a portfolio of energy-efficiency programs for residential, industrial, and commercial consumers.

Robert S. Kenney, the chairman of the Missouri Public Service Commission wrote a great article on the energy efficiency measures in Missouri. Read the whole article on Energy Biz.


By Gaylen Davenport

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