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California Energy Bill Passes, Awaits Governor Signature


The California state legislature bill AB 327 passed and is now awaiting Governor Jerry Brown’s signature. The bill seeks to essentially remove the “cap” from California’s renewable energy portfolio standard (RPS), which is already one of the most aggressive in the nation.


Currently, California state law requires power companies to generate 33 percent of their electricity from renewable sources. Once signed into law, AB 327 will allow the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to raise that percentage without the need for legislative action.


The bill will also allow the CPUC to redesign utility billing rates, potentially cutting monthly bills for end users living in the hotter interior parts of California.


Source: Renewable Energy World

New Efficiency Standards Set the Bar in California


The California Energy Commission is reported to set new energy-saving standards for a variety of products used in homes and businesses.


Late last month, interested parties were asked to submit standard proposals for a total of 15 products that could collectively save Californians about $1.2 billion annually on energy costs. It would also save as much water as the residents of San Diego uses in an entire year.


The Commission has found that “requiring all these products to use less electricity could alone avoid the need to build three medium-sized, 500-megawatt power plants.”


If implemented, the standards would reduce the money consumers and businesses use to pay for their utility. It’ll also help cut power-plant pollution.


The standards could come into effect as early as 2015 for the fifteen consumer electronics, lighting, water devices, and “miscellaneous” appliances. Products could include computers, video game consoles, dimming ballasts, LEDs, faucets, commercial clothes dryers, air filters, and swimming pools.


Source: GreenTech Media

City Embraces Solar Mandate

There’s something about solar in California. The state has continued to rank the highest in solar energy production in the last few years, but is it because of a new trend?

The town of Sebastopol in western Sonoma County is looking to pass an aggressive ordinance that will require residential and commercial buildings to include a solar-power-generating system or pay an in-lieu fee. With the new ordinance, a 2,500 square-foot home would need a 5-kilowatt system, or have its output meet three-quarters of the building’s electrical load on an annual basis.

This follows another California city, Lancaster, who earlier this year required solar on new houses.

In an effort to promote clean energy, should solar be mandated? Sound off in the comments.

Source: Green Tech Media


By Gaylen Davenport

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