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Sustainability Innovation in Three Parts

The easiest way to spur innovation in your organization is to set some challenging sustainable business goals.

If you’re looking to add sustainability innovation to your company, GreenBiz has an informative blog series on how to do it. The articles, from the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS), is a great guide for companies who know that innovation and sustainability to be the key to their company’s success.

But how do you implement it? Innovation and sustainability aren’t mutually exclusive, and reinforce each other. “The easiest way to spur innovation in your organization is to set some challenging sustainable business goals.”

According to the NBS, there are three types of sustainable companies or stages. The first is operational optimization – doing the same things better; organizational transformation – doing good by doing new things; and systems building – doing good by doing new things with others.

There are also three steps for sustainable innovation for business:

“Innovation involves reaching out beyond the walls of your own organization. Done right, it can push your company to the pinnacle of sustainable business practice.”

The series is a great read for any business looking at implementing sustainable and innovative practices to guide their sustainability policies.

Google and Wind Energy

Google is looking to power their Oklahoma data center with renewable wind energy.

Google’s data center in Mayes County, Oklahoma will be running more efficiently soon.

The search engine giant announced last week that it would buy wind energy from the Grand River Dam Authority to purchase energy. This will be the first time Google has partnered with a utility to buy renewable energy.

The GRDA will provide 48 megawatts of wind power to the Google data center later this year. Google will pay more for the clean energy rather than power the data center by coal because of the company’s commitment to the environment.

“Google has hinted for some time that its ultimate goal would be to source clean energy from utilities to power its data centers. Google is working with other utilities to find ways to source renewables directly,” said Gary Demasi, Google’s global infrastructure director.

Environmental organizations have urged companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple to use more clean energy to power their data centers.

Source: Smart Planet

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