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Top 10 Efficiency Tactics for Commercial Buildings

The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) recently released a list of top 10 ways commercial real estate professionals can make energy efficiency and sustainability a priority.

1. Measure and manage. Benchmark energy and water consumption through Energy Star Portfolio Manager.

2. Audit yourself. Perform regular energy audits to identify opportunities for cost-effective energy reductions. Remember to perform midnight evaluations to make sure lighting and HVAC are not running when the building is unoccupied.

3. Get the word out. Institute a tenant energy awareness program, using your company newsletter and/or building announcements to keep tenants informed about energy management goals and how they can help. Provide them with energy saving tips.

4. Become enlightened. Replace incandescent lights, which uses less energy, have a longer lamp life and produce less heat.

5. Go low flow. Install low-flow/flush fixtures and hands-free fixtures in restrooms.

6. Don’t forget electronics. Hold an e-waste day and collect old printers, computers, and electronics for recycling.

7. Use sensors. Install occupancy sensors and photo sensors that monitor daylight. Occupancy sensors also work for HVAC controls.

8. Be shady. Install solar shades to block heat.

9. Encourage eco-friendly transportation. Install bicycle racks and electronic vehicle chargers/

10. Improve IAQ. Use high-efficiency HVAC filters and change them often. Use low-VOC paints, sealants, and adhesives for building improvements.

Source: Energy Manager Today


By Gaylen Davenport

Featured Product: Intelligent Lighting Controls

Intelligent lighting controls offer more versatility and opportunities to save on utility bills.

Ideal for property managers or high-usage buildings, intelligent lighting controls offer more versatility and opportunities to save on utility bills.

Intelligent lighting controls are lighting systems that can be controlled centrally, giving facility managers a better way to monitor and control lighting. In most systems, fixtures in a room can communicate wirelessly with each other, allowing for room-level intelligence with a minimal amount of equipment, wiring, and expense.

Facility managers are quickly beginning to see the benefits of a lighting control system, especially in industries that require much energy usage. Once implemented, these systems can improve workplace ergonomics, occupant productivity, and tenant satisfaction by optimizing lighting quality.

As this technology continues to develop, we believe more companies will see the benefits of efficient lighting and intelligent lighting controls.

Lighting Facts for Building Managers

Any building or office manager who is looking to cut costs (and who isn’t these days) will find these quick facts beneficial:

  • Lighting accounts for the largest portion of a commercial building’s electricity bill
  • It is a significant portion of the total energy bill
  • It consumes about 35 percent of the electricity used in commercial buildings in the U.S.
  • It affects other building systems through its use of elecricty and production of waste heat


“An efficient system of lighting sources, fixtures, and controls can reduce energy use, give businesses more flexibility in the sizing of HVAC and electrical systems, and may even improve worker productivity.”

Source: TVA Energy Right Solutions

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