T12 Lights can no longer be imported to, or manufactured in the United States – what are the next steps?

Lenexa, KS – July 18, 2012: Don’t wait until your lights go dark to find your business needs to upgrade its lighting technology. A U.S. Department of Energy mandate prohibits the import or manufacture of magnetic T12 ballasts and most T12 lamps effective July 14, 2012. Businesses who procrastinate upgrading to high efficiency lighting will find the obsolete T12 lamps harder to find and more expensive.


“Right now inventories are still available, but as they deplete, replacement lamps will become extinct in the U.S. market faster than many anticipate” said Hunter Kasten of Worldwide Energy. New high-efficiency fluorescent and LED replacement lamps provide better light, substantial energy savings, and long life. Some high quality fluorescent and LED lamps feature warranties of 5 years and more, eliminating the hassle and expense of frequent replacements. Experts advise companies planning to update their T-12 lighting to consult a reputable company for help selecting the correct technology for their situation. Do your research, and choose a company that will perform an in-depth audit and provide customer references.


“Businesses that act now can enjoy utility rebates and government incentives to supplement a significant portion of their upgrade cost,” Kasten continued. “In addition, these companies see immediate utility cost savings.” Worldwide Energy is a leader in the energy efficiency field, providing a single point of responsibility for implementing customized energy reduction plans utilizing maximum incentives to improve their client’s payback.


By Gaylen Davenport

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