Strategies for Cooling Buildings

cool roof building envelop

Adopting a mixed mode approach is an effective cooling measure for commercial buildings that have high energy usage.

It may not feel like it here in Kansas City, but summer is right around the corner. For businesses looking to save on utility costs, that means implementing strategies for cooling commercial buildings.

It seems that commercial buildings are more susceptible to higher energy use. This is because offices and commercial buildings have high indoor waste heating from people, lighting, computers, and other electrical appliances.

Of course, reducing energy use isn’t the only reason for cooling buildings. Comfort for employees is also important. So how do you keep your business cool during the summer months without spending a fortune?

One solution is to adopt a mixed mode approach in which passive cooling measures are used including lighting controls and occupancy sensors.

Worldwide Energy also provides building envelope solutions that can even temperatures to improve occupant comfort such as cool roof reflect, insulation, and window tinting.

With careful design and system management, commercial buildings can provide high levels of indoor comfort while still operating in an energy efficient manner.

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By Gaylen Davenport

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