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Over the last several years, lighting industry experts have extolled the benefits of LED technology: long life, low energy consumption, and better visual acuity.  As light levels able to be produced by an LED light source have increased, the final barrier to widespread LED technology adoption has been installed cost.
Worldwide has continued to monitor the technology, and we are now seeing LED’s fit the application as well as the price point.
Some of the best solutions are found in recessed can, track, and accent lighting applications, but we are also seeing high quality LED fixtures competing with 250-400 watt HID light level output.
If you have applications that make maintenance difficult, or are trying to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs as much as possible, now may be the time to talk to your Worldwide Energy solution specialist about what LED options are available to help you improve light levels and reduce utility costs.
If rebates are available in your area, rebates for LED can provide returns on upgrades in the 2 to 4 year range.  Let our experts help you see what rebates are available for your facility, but do it quickly!  KCP&L is making changes for its rebate program that will affect Missouri companies.  Read our Rebate Update FAQ page for more information.  Call 913.310.0705 today and speak to a specialist.

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