Saying farewell to T12 lighting

T12 Lighting Fixture

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The date for the beginning of the end for T12 lighting is just around the corner. Below is an article from lighting expert, Danielle Stewart,that explains the benefits of upgrading lighting technology and offers some of the rewards to taking advantage sooner than later:

If you think upgrading your facility’s lighting is too expensive, think about the benefits, which far outweigh the initial costs. Replacing a T12 system with a T8 or T5 system provides energy and cost savings. For instance, by switching to T8 lamps, you can reduce energy use by 33% and save $12 per fixture per year. If you have 1,000 fixtures, that adds up to $12,000 a year in savings.

Also, T8 and T5 lamps outlive T12 lamps. Though a T12 lamp lasts for 28,800 hours, a T8 lamp can last for 36,000 hours and a T5 for 52,000. After upgrading to a T8 or T5 system you will be paid back in energy savings between one and three years!

Time is running out to replace your T12 system with a more energy-efficient system. If you get on it now you will still be able to take advantage take advantage of those government incentives before they expire. If you’re going to have to switch soon regardless, better to switch and get some cash back while you still can.

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