Top Twelve Large Companies in On Site Renewable Energy



2014 brought forth great demand for power policy changes from numerous, high-profile companies.  In addition to the Corporate Renewable Energy Pledge, which asks utility companies for easier ways to purchase clean, renewable energy, the RE100 campaign took off, in which 100 of the world’s largest companies make the commitment to switch to using 100% renewable power by 2020.  Huge company names like General Motors, Walmart, Hewlett-Packard, IKEA, Nestle, and Phillips are joining forces in order to see a change.  Their mission: make clean, renewable power from the sun, wind, and other alternative sources more accessible.


The EPA puts out a quarterly ranking of companies involved in on-site renewables projects through its own Green Partnership Program.  The top three nods go to Walmart, Apple Inc., and the U.S. Department of Energy, respectively.  Additional notables include the City of Philadelphia achieving the top five spot, with the cities of San Diego and Portland not far behind.  Closer to home, the University of Missouri makes it into the top ten overall, and the highest ranking among the other universities on the list.


Using both the EPA’s list as well as additional considerations, writer, Heather Clancy, developed a top twelve list for large companies making a difference with on-site renewables.


1. Adobe Systems

2. Apple

3. BMW

4. Coca-Cola

5. eBay

6. Google


8. Kaiser Permanente

9. Kohl’s

10. S.C. Johnson & Son

11. Volkswagen

12. Walmart


For more information on what each of these companies are doing to improve their carbon footprint with on-site renewable power, take a look at her article.  While these mega-corporations may be acting on a much larger scale, many of the steps they are taking toward achieving 100% renewable power are steps your smaller business could be taking as well.  Contact our offices today to see what renewable energy options are available for your facility.