Propane or Natural Gas?

Natural gas will soon be available to a larger area near Lake of the Ozarks, including places that traditionally use propane or wood.

Residents around Lake of the Ozarks may have more heating options as infrastructure develops in the area. Natural gas will soon be available to a larger area than ever before, including places that traditionally use propane or wood. Natural gas was available to some Ameren Missouri customers until now.

But what’s the different between propane and natural gas? Both have their advantages.

Natural gas is a naturally occurring mixture that is colorless, shapeless, and odorless. It is a versatile energy source that includes providing electricity to buildings, fueling cars for transportation, and for manufacturing and industrial uses. When used as transportation fuel, natural gas can save consumers 20 to 30 percent.

Propane is a hydrocarbon produced from the combination of natural gas processing and crude oil refining. Propane is non-toxic, and also colorless and odorless. It is often used to fuel everyday appliances including heaters, furnaces, outdoor grills, and air conditioning units.

There certainly are a number of benefits to using either propane or natural gas. Residents and businesses near Lake of the Ozarks are sure to reap the benefits of either energy source.

Source: Lake News Online

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