Omnitek to Convert Numerous Mack E7 Engines from Diesel to Natural Gas



Upon receiving a Certificate of Conformity from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Omnitek Engineering Company released plans for converting all of their Mack E7 electronic engines, (up to model year 2006,) from running on diesel to natural gas.  The importance of the Certificate of Conformity is to allow for the conversions to take place in forty-nine different states and in over 150 different engine combinations, a task essential due to the expansive nature of the conversion project.


The conversions will proceed with “drop-in” ready converted engines, meaning they will be pre-configured for a speedy installation process.  Omnitek will save money on the assembly line process, getting the conversions done in an efficient and timely manner, while their manufacturing partner promises quality uniformity and a like new condition of installed natural gas run engines.


The diesel-to-natural gas conversions will save owners on fuel costs, with natural gas priced consistently a substantial amount lower than diesel, due largely to its domestically abundant nature.  “As engines are converted to use 100% natural gas, the payback on a diesel-to-natural gas truck conversion can be as short as 16 months, including the cost for the engine, fuel storage system and installation labor,” says Omnitek president and C.E.O., Werner Funk regarding the financial benefits of the project.


The Mack E7 is one of the most popular engines for waste companies, with some diesel-to-natural gas converted vehicles already operating effectively on the roads today.


Source: The Wall Street Journal

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