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President Obama visited a Wal-Mart store in Mountain View, CA last Friday to promote renewable solar energy.  He announced that over 300 companies as well as both state and local governments have promised to use solar energy.  He also took the opportunity to publicize his own energy efficiency initiative, a policy that has Congress divided.


Politics aside, a spotlight on solar energy is a very good thing for the reduction of carbon pollution.  The president’s proposed solar plans are expected to create enough energy to power more than 130,000 homes, and an energy savings that is equivalent to taking 80 million cars off the road for a year according to the White House.


In addition to the environmental impacts, President Obama spoke to the economic gains to be made from expanding the solar sector by means of job creation.  Furthermore, he asserted that with more and more businesses and residences switching to solar power, it is getting easier and less expensive to make the switch to renewable energy.


The president’s visit to the California Wal-Mart comes shortly after the administration released a report on the effects of pollution on climate change.  Also timely announced, was the news of the completion of a solar panel installation project atop the White House.  View the official video with more information on the installation.


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Source: David Jackson, USA Today




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